Based in Inverness, serving the Highlands & Islands

We are a referral organisation, connecting clients to independent mortgage and insurance brokers, financial advisors, pension specialists, commercial funding managers and tax planners all of whom are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Culduthel Financial Solutions does not offer advice and is a non regulated service.


Our Mission

  • The market is changing - there are fewer mortgage brokers than ever. 
  • Changes in financial services have meant independent mortgage brokers are leaving the market and a limited few are being replaced. 
  • Culduthel Financial Solutions aims to create market leading customer service by ensuring clients receive timely and accurate advice delivered by experienced, independent and regulated advisors. 

Key Facts

  • Culduthel Financial Solutions work with independent brokers who have access to “whole of market” mortgage and protection products. This means clients can access hundreds of mortgage and insurance deals; much more than the few deals a bank or building society can offer. 
  • Culduthel Financial Solutions work with independent brokers who enjoy an excellent reputation with major UK lenders, insurance providers and finance companies. 
  • Culduthel Financial Solutions work with a wide range of independent brokers covering many areas of financial services.
  • All fees are agreed in writing between the client and the independent advisor. No client is charged a fee by Culduthel Financial Solutions




Why use Culduthel Financial Solutions

Culduthel Financial Solutions aims for a one-stop-shop approach, referring clients to experienced, independent, regulated brokers across the financial services industry.


Culduthel Financial Solutions may contact, or be contacted, by clients who wish to receive financial advice from independent advisors. CFS do not offer advice. 


Clients who may wish to be referred to an experienced, independent advisor by Culduthel Financial Solutions are contacted within 12 working hours of CFS receiving the referral.


Appointments with independent advisors who have been allocated by Culduthel Financial Solutions are available to suit clients’ needs, including evening and weekend arrangements.



The brokers and advisors who Culduthel Financial Solutions refer clients’ to have more than 200 years’ experience in the financial sector.


Culduthel Financial Solutions has a policy of continuous improvement which means we value feedback and use it to be better in the future.


Culduthel Financial Solutions will treat every client with honesty, integrity and respect at all times.

Mortgages @ Culduthel Financial Services


We know that getting a mortgage can be a stressful and bewildering process. However, if you need a mortgage to buy your first home or buy a second home or indeed remortgage your current property look no further than Culduthel Financial Solutions.

Financial planning & Investments

If you need a tailored financial plan to meet your future commitments or are looking for investment advice Culduthel Financial Solutions works with a team of financial planners and investment specialists who will be only too happy to assist you.

Insurance & Protection

It’s never been more important to make sure you have adequate protection in place to protect yourself and your family. For instance 50% of people today will suffer a cancer incident at some point in their life.


Commercial Investment

If you want to invest in a commercial venture or buy a commercial property or asset Culduthel Financial Solutions can help you find the advice you need. With access to some of the most experienced and knowledgeable advisors in the Highlands we can connect you instantly and easily to make sure you get what you want.

Loans @ Culduthel Financial Services

Loan Funding

CFS has created key strategic partnerships with trusted organisations so that they can offer the advice and loan facilities which best suit your needs.


Culduthel Financial Solutions - Family Protection Trusts

Family Protection Trusts

We work with partners who can help you protect the assets you have built up during your life. 


Pensions & Auto-Enrollment @ Culduthel Financial Services

Pensions &  Auto-Enrolment

Whilst the topic of pensions, and what to do with them, may appear bemusing or mystifying at Culduthel Financial Services we can refer you to an experienced pension advisor who will help you make the right choices.


Culduthel Financial Solutions - Taxation

Tax Planning

Paying too much tax is not a good thing. Every year, UK taxpayers give away several billion pounds more than they need to. In 2016 the figure is expected to be around £4.6 billion.